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--> DESCRIPTIONS: I'm still updating this section and prioritizing those I'm asked to describe, so please ASK!

    Descriptions of pens

    CASE 1

  1. Waterman Lavalier
  2. Bexley LE
  3. Classic CP1 (SOLD)
  4. Conklin
  5. Eagle
  6. Conklin All American
  7. Signum
  8. Eversharp push pencil: Lovely clean GF Eversharp pencil with push-button propelling mechanism. Has some lead but you'll need more soon.

  9. Eversharp pencil coral
  10. Filcao
  11. Edward Todd 14K Combination F pen and pencil: Fully Hallmarked and inscriptions.
  12. Hicks Mabie Todd? Gold? Fountain pen and pencil: Not hallmarked.
  13. Edward Todd 14k Combination Fountain pen and pencil: Fully hallmarked as Edward Todd and all 14K gold. The Fountain pen is a lever filler. The only flaw I see is a wide flat shallow dent in the body in the area of verticle lines above the pencil, which I've photographed to show clearly. The indicia does have the initials G.J.F. inscribed. Flexible Medium 14K Warranted nib.

  14. Conklin Crescent #40
  15. Conklin Crescent Art Deco
  16. Conklin Crescent GF smooth: This is an unusually well-preserved smooth GF Conklin (most of these look scratched up). I see no brassing, but it does have a few small dings above the clip around the cap. Conklin #3 nib that is quite flexible, with all of the caveats about smoothness that comes with a fine flexible nib. It is smooth the way I hold it, but YMMV and you might have to tweak. Beautiful pen!

  17. Conklin Crescent GF lines set: Beautiful set with #2 fine flexible Conklin nib. This is the GF lined pattern, and has no brassing except for a very tiny rim around part of the cap top. The pencil has one flaw, please look at the photo just above the clip because I don't know quite how to describe this. It is a sort of gouge where the barrel meets the smooth top. The propelling mechanism works, but I don't have lead in it. Looks like about a #9 lead, which I'll add if I can find some. Back of the pencil says "Patented July 6, 1920." The indicia has initials D.D. Lovely rare set.

  18. Conklin Endura Blk Sr: No nicks or scratches, clip and cap bane are perfect. Spot of brassing at the bottom of the lever, other than that, perfect pen. Smooth F Endura nib.

  19. Conklin Endura BHR Vest
  20. Conklin Endura Red 1
  21. Conklin Endura Red 2 sold
  22. Conklin Endura Red vest pocket
  23. Conklin Endura Lapis Sr set
  24. Conklin Endura Vest Woodgrain
  25. CASE 3

  26. Sheaffer Oversize Carmine Lever Fill
  27. Parker 75 Florentine set
  28. Parker 75 Fougere XF (SOLD)
  29. Parker 75 Perle: Clean and clear gold-filled French Parker 75 Perle with dish tassies and fit with an 18K fine nib.
  30. Parker Button Fill Black
  31. Parker Vacumatic Black
  32. Parker Burgundy Vac Set
  33. Sheaffer Dolphin + pencil
  34. Scriptorium: Incredible material, smooth fine steel nib in two-tone, large pen, the "Bard" model from Scriptorium. No flaws. Clip has tiny wiggle but is very secure.

  35. Tibaldi Modelo 60: Shimmering material, really beautiful and elegantly simple pen. The Tibaldi nib of 750 (18K) gold is a smooth medium. The pen also has 1995 imprinted just above the section. This pen was recently completely restored by an expert in these. Box.

  36. Stipula LE Etruria 34/50
  37. Chatterly Stipula Kandinski: Stipula model made for Chatterly pens with as a demonstrator with GF cutout designs in the overlay based on the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky. Flawless condition but it has been used (by me) so the demonstrator shows some evidence of being inked. the nib is a 14K fine - I'd call it a generous fine. The gripping section is visually metal, but it has a layer of clear acrylic overlay so fingers are on that rather than metal. Box.

  38. CASE 4

  39. Conklin Arrow clip
  40. Conklin Green Pearl Ensemble
  41. Sheaffer touchdown triumph
  42. Conklin Green Marble Ensemble
  43. Mabie Todd Swallow Coral Combination pen and pencil: Lovely coral color. The only flaw I can find is an inobstrusive dent near the top of the metal pencil cone. Medium Swan 14K nib.

  44. Conklin Jr. Nozac
  45. Conklin Word gauge 80 touchdown
  46. Conklin Student Apple Green
  47. Conklin All American
  48. Sheaffer Imperial Sovereign Factory Stub
  49. Sheaffer OS Black Lever
  50. Sheaffer Craftsman Carmine
  51. Sheaffer Black Combination: Nice combination pen and pencil, no brassing, plastic has no scratches, Sheaffer #3-25 fine nib.

  52. Conklin All American

ALSO FOR SALE: REDUCED $895 $750 / Cross 150th Anniversary Set: Fountain pen, Ballpoint pen, Pencil (Gold-filled)

The writing instruments in this gold-filled (quite art deco) set are in perfect condition. The only flaw is that the wooden box has a scratch on the top, which you can see in the first photo. The photos are in order as you remove layers of the set: first the top of the wood box (about 7.75" by 5/25"), then the polishing cloth, then the desktop holder (about 3/4" thick), then the writing instruments, followed by the lead and refills, and finally, the bottle of ink (almost full) and the cut glass inkwell. The 18k nib is a smooth medium, quite decorative, and the converter is included. Paypal preferred, shipping to US addresses included.


Combos, Various Manufacturers

  Conklin: Ensemble (combination pen and pencil) in a rare color, green pearl. Most of these have some discoloration; on this one, the barrel area is uniformly a bit darker than the cap and pencil. Beautiful material on a pen with a 14K Conklin Toledo firm fine nib. $375
Addendum: I just noticed "Bill Holke" is an incription slightly molded into the barrel. Neat looking and nearly invisible.
  Mabie Todd Swallow Combination pen and pencil in that amazing orange-red marble material that is so beautiful. The pen is perfect except for a shallow ding in the top of the pencil cone. Fine flexible Swan 14K nib. $395

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